Most of us have experienced hopelessness, and it seems the stories of those who’ve lost their battles with it come with more and more frequency. I’ve had my own intense fights with it over the years, and know there’s not an easy fix. But I do know this: if you’re having hopeless thoughts, please, don’t let them become a state.

Don’t surrender to the lies of hopelessness, whispering you have no choice but to carry pain, and don’t deserve anything else. Don’t become submissive to its presence, letting it filter how you see life and relate to people. And never believe you have to fight it on your own—hopelessness is never God’s will for you. Your Heavenly Father is right there to fight for you, if you’ll let him. And behind him there are a lot of people who are glad to help you, and like, a bajillion angels who are royally ticked you’ve been attacked like this.

Rather than letting hopelessness become a mindset, let it be a trigger. When you recognize you’re thinking and feeling in agreement with its lies, let that immediately unleash all God has for you to overwhelm it, beginning with . . . hopemoreness.

It’s not a word found in any dictionary, but it’s real in my heart and head, so I’m making it one. Hopemoreness is the intentionality of your hope in God. It’s your purposeful awareness of his presence, displacing the lies you’re lost and alone. It’s the choices you make to live in the certainty of his goodness, regardless of what’s happening, or not happening, around you. Hopemoreness is the renewal of your mind, and the rekindling of your heart.

#Hopemoreness. Make it a thing.

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