The Talk

I love how David talks to himself in his poetry. He’s honest about the depression he’s fighting, but he chooses to encourage himself in God. He stirs up the hope he knows is in himself by remembering all God has done in his life, and letting the expectation of seeing more of the goodness of God displace the negativity he’s been overwhelmed with.

Changing how I think often starts with a question. David’s was, “why am I so sad?” Trying to answer that with just my mind can be incredibly frustrating, but listening to God with my heart can shift my thinking into genuine peace. Overcoming difficulties may not always be about having the definitive answers, but it is always about allowing God to bring his love, hope, and grace into every question.

Sometimes feeling low is appropriate, and God simply wants to bring his love and comfort, and let you know you’re not alone as you heal. Other times the feelings are a black hole of fear and self-pity, and we need to let him lead us to a place of freedom, no matter how difficult the journey may seem. I think sometimes it’s a mix of both. Regardless, we need to let the Holy Spirit be the interpreter of our circumstances, the comforter of our hearts, and the friend we process life with.

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