Loved to Life

Some wounds are so painful, it’s hard not to be continuously overwhelmed. The enemy takes advantage by trying to twist your anguish into an unsatisfiable obsession to know why, and exhausts you protecting yourself from all the other horrible things you imagine could happen. Fear, bitterness, and self-pity become your tormenting prison guards.

When Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are wearied and burdened down, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28), he wasn’t just talking about what heaven will be like. He was giving an invitation to experience the healing, peace, justice, hope, joy, and love of God right now.

He knows your pain, and he knows how to comfort, heal, and restore you until you’re whole, and it’s your tormentors who are broken, instead of you. He wants to love you back to life, and has the grace and strength you need to release the “whys” and “what ifs,” even if you have to do it every day. Or every hour.

Even if nothing else makes sense today, know this:

“I’ve always loved you, and will never stop. My loving kindness toward you means you’re always invited to be closer to me” (Jer. 31:3).

3 Replies to “Loved to Life”

  1. Paul and I were discussing this as it pertains to emotional healing last night. Next time you should come and join us in the porch and we can all talk about it together. 🙂

  2. Thank u for ur right up there are so many ppl like my self who is struggling to defeat the enemy. But I am starting to see the light of were my own healing needs to be. So the enemy can stop tormenting me. I have been hurt by ppl who one think they can trust. My own actions before and as a Christian hasn’t been best. Hurt left me with bitterness anger, resentment so much more. To the point were I have allowe the enemy to use that agents me and I express it wrongly.

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