The Real War

“David was suffering in great distress . . . but he strengthened himself in the Lord his God” (1 Samuel 30:6).

You’re a strong person. But lately, life has taken its toll. There have been days that drained you physically, emotionally, and spiritually until you had nothing left. Standing in the pain of the offenses, rejections, failures, and frustrations, all you can see are negative possibilities. Your mind runs away thinking about what horrible thing might happen next, and your heart seals itself in a bunker. You function, but you won’t risk being fully open to love, joy, and hope. Cynicism grows from a coping mechanism to a mindset to an identity.

But that’s not who you really are. God is love, and he is light. You’re his child, and therefore, so are you. You don’t have to fight on the turf the enemy has been choosing. Everywhere you go is holy ground. You get to live in, and fight from, God’s presence—from his love, joy, hope, peace, healing, wisdom, and grace.

The enemy has lied, saying you’ll be safer if you protect yourself from fully engaging with life. But that’s not who you are. God gave you a brilliant, creative mind so you could recognize his provision in every circumstance, not so you could run from what might go wrong. You get to overwhelm every situation with his peace and rest. Those are nuclear weapons against the enemy, because when you’re at rest in God’s love for you, it’s the enemy who becomes anxious, stressed, and frustrated.

“Our real war isn’t against people. And the weapons we use aren’t physical ones—they’re supernaturally powerful truths of God, which can pull down any negative mindset, and recapture every thought that’s run wild with the enemy’s lies about who God is for you. Your life of unyielding intimacy with Christ will become vengeance against the enemy and all he’s done” (2 Corinthians 10:3-6, paraphrase).

One Reply to “The Real War”

  1. Wow yet amazing I just read another post from you. Your words are exactly how I feel and am facing. I know there are other ppl who are facing the same war but are stuck in the mud hole. I know I need a lot of healing and I know I may have to start to heal a friendship that I may have hurt because of my own hurt from feeling jealous, and bitterness ect. It isn’t anything she has done to me, it’s the fact that the enemy placed those feelings in my mind then wham my heart and mind gos over time

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