Rich Beyond Measure

Poverty isn’t always about a lack of resources. It can become a life-controlling way of thinking that says no matter what you do, there will never be enough. It hisses at your heart you aren’t worthy of love, regardless how hard you try to earn it. Poverty focuses on failure and loss, and drums into your head the only good move is to build walls around yourself, and stay right where you are.

This destiny-destroying, relationship-wrecking mindset has no place in your life. You aren’t what failure has accused you of. You aren’t what’s left after rejection, loss, and pain have finished assaulting you. And you’re not what you’ve called yourself in your darkest moments.

You are who God says you are, not what these lies have been telling you. Ask him to show you the truth of that—who you are to him, and who he is for you. If you have a hard time hearing who he’s saying you are, start here: God is love, and he’s your Father. Therefore, you are the heir of unending love. That doesn’t mean you get to experience a shade of love once in a while, if you’ve performed well enough. That’s the poverty spirit talking. It means love is part of your new nature in Christ. It’s your foundation. When you know nothing else, you can know you are completely loved. You get to feel God’s love without anyone twisting it. You can think, and plan, and be brilliant with it. You get to deal with all your relationships and circumstances with love as your guard, guide, and accountant.

Name the rejections, losses, failures, fears, and lies that’ve been plaguing you with the opposite of love, and give them to him. Do that every day until they have no more power, and fall silent. Do it until you recognize the wealth of faith, hope, and love you really do have in Jesus, and confidently move forward with him again as the richest person you know.

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