The Heart Hears Better

You can’t reason with your head what God has intended to be perceived by your heart.

Psalm 27 says, “When you said, ‘Seek my face,’ my heart leaped to respond to you. I would be lost if I didn’t know in my heart I will experience your goodness here, in the land of the living.”

Your logical mind is amazing. It can analyze, calculate, and plan great things. But it’s not adequate to deal with your life, and it’s not where God is trying to speak to you. If he did, you’d take whatever he said and try to interpret it within the confines of your education, experience, and circumstances. You’d limit what he’s saying, and therefore limit and frustrate yourself.

God speaks to your heart because that part of you is able to leap beyond circumstances and logic to see from his perspective. It’s faith. It’s his language. If you don’t learn, or relearn, that language, you could add to your knowledge of religion all your life, but never understand how much Jesus really loves you.

After you’ve heard from God, your brain is great for figuring ways to pursue what he’s shown you. So don’t switch your brain off. Just don’t let it be in charge of defining your life.

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