The Anti-Christ

I know it may seem like every direction you turn, there’s something evil trying to out-evil some other evil. Tragedy, suffering, cruelty, fear, despair, pain, and insecurity can overwhelm how you perceive and relate to the world. The more they take over how you think and feel, the more of them you see, and the deeper you sink. What you give your focus to, you eventually become.

The biggest anti-Christ spirit of our age isn’t another religion or unbiblical culture. It’s the spirit of unbelief. Not unbelief in adherence to a set of religious principles, but as the deterioration of a relationship. It’s the spirit that will do anything to get you to shift your focus away from a living, growing, loving relationship with God, and see only what the enemy puts in front of your face.

It whispers, “Did God really say that?” “Is he really good?” “Look at this evil, and this tragedy, and this injustice, and this hypocrite.” Soon you stop processing your thoughts with God, and start stuffing all the negativity down into your heart until there’s no more room. Each day starts with dread instead of joy.

There’s an incredible part of the book of Lamentations I read often (and you can assume correctly from the title that things weren’t so hot then either):

“Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this: The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His loving kindness never ceases, and his merciful goodness is renewed every morning. I will keep reminding myself that the Lord is my inheritance, and I can always hope in him. Great is your faithfulness, Lord!” (3:21-24, paraphrase).

Your daily invitation, your renewed focus, the everyday business of your life, is to discover and live in the fresh love and kindness of God—in his grace, goodness, blessing, wisdom, peace, joy, and love.

Right now, ask him to renew your thinking, your identity, and your relationship with him. Ask him what his goodness, kindness, and love look like today, and take every opportunity to receive and give them away. The darkness seems powerful at times, but it’s nothing compared to the light God has given you.

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