Break the Bowl

Though it’s a myth fish only grow to the size of the tank they’re in, a confining environment can stunt their development, and even cut their lives short because it’s not able to support healthy growth.

So it is with you. If the atmosphere you’re living in is hindering your God-given dreams and passions, it will eventually stunt your faith, joy, peace, and your identity. How you see God, yourself, and your circumstances will be defined by your constraints.

That’s why Jesus said the greatest in his kingdom are those who think like children (Matt. 18:3). He wants us to grow, mature, and be brilliant in him while keeping the limitless dreams, imagination, faith, joy, trust, and love of a child. Today is a good day to jump out of the fish tank and play in God’s sea.

“Jesus said, ‘Come and join me on the water’” (Matt. 14:29a).

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