About You

There’s a difference between the way the enemy wants to make everything about you, and the way God wants to make everything about you.

The enemy wants you to focus on everything negative—what’s gone wrong, and what might, what you think should have happened, and what you desperately wish hadn’t.

He wants you to take everything you hear as a personal attack, and see every situation as your responsibility. He wants you to view every relationship as a burden to bear, until you break under the weight.

But God makes everything about you, too. From a Monday morning to the most difficult unexpected event, he wants you to live in awareness of how great his love is for you.

He wants you to see every circumstance as an opportunity for him to bring blessing to you, and everyone around you. He wants you to see every relationship as an open door for his grace, freeing you to become all you can be in him, and releasing others to do the same.

He wants to empower you to see everything as he does, with such peace, joy, and love, you become them. You are indeed loved, you are not alone, and you are so much more important to God than you’ve realized.

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