Snack Time

Two young men walked passed me arguing about why we evolved a sense of taste. I caught enough of the conversation to hear one of them calling it “pointless.” I’m accustomed to this kind of talk, but it still grieves me. My boring taste in clothing aside, I know “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8) is more than a metaphor. Like every other sense, it’s an invitation to experience the genuine goodness, joy, and love of God.

Good food is a language of blessing that needs no verbal translation. Soul-satisfying food speaks we are created to be like God in our ability to experience genuine pleasure, and inspires us to create opportunities for others to know him in increasingly fulfilling ways. I believe in fasting. I believe in eating healthy. I believe in sustainable food practices, and making sure everyone has enough to eat. But more than all that, I believe Jesus wants me to eat with him and enjoy his company.

“You prepare a feast for me, even when the enemy is all around. At your table I am protected, fulfilled, blessed, and anointed by your Spirit. You fill my cup to overflowing” (Psalm 23:5, paraphrase).

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