Remembering What’s Important

I can’t sleep, and reading a Facebook “Memories” post from 2012. I’m re-posting to remind myself what’s most important, and because I know there are many dealing with their own pain and heartache, which often feels so much more intense at night. I hope it’s an encouragement, and I pray you’

September, 2012

“Post-chemo muscle and joint pain, and neuropathy in my hands, feet, and mouth. And tonight, hives on my arms and legs. Who knows why. So, I’m using the time I can’t sleep to think about what a truly fortunate man I am.

I am alive. I have another day. The night is still and beautiful. In a few hours I will feel the sun and smell the autumn air. I get to experience life, love, and laughter. I get to taste really good things. I get the chance to bless someone else. I get to watch my wife breathe as she sleeps. I get to cover my face with a pillow because both dogs have really bad gas. I don’t care. I’m so grateful to God for each moment.

We have eternity in heaven, and sometimes I wish I could be there already. But, I think if we only have a short time here, it must be so important to make the most of it. I think how we live here isn’t just about believing in Jesus, but an opportunity each day to overflow a little more love from him than the day before. Love is the most important thing I can leave behind, because it’s the most important thing I can do here. And I think it’s the one thing I can take with me.”

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