Nothing but the Truth

I was reading Psalm 117, and was caught by the word used for “truth” in verse 2, “The truth of the Lord endures forever.” “Emet” is also the word used for “faithfulness,” “reliability,” and “trustworthiness.” They’re all the same, interchangeable.

Often when we say “truth,” we mean our doctrinal interpretation, for which many have sacrificed relationships to maintain. But when God says “truth,” he means himself. “Faithful, reliable, and trustworthy” describe who he is for you. His truth focuses on building relationships, rather than establishing litmus tests for them.

Jesus is literally the way, the truth, and the life. He never leaves you, and never abandons you. His commitment toward you isn’t about just teaching you truth, but about having an ongoing experience with him as faithful, reliable, and trustworthy, in the deepest parts of your heart and mind.

There’s a life-transforming difference between knowing what’s true and fully living it. Today’s a good day to fully live.

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