In Love

The enemy’s plans aren’t new. He wants to frighten, embitter, and exhaust you out of God’s joy, peace, and patience. He wants to twist truth and suppress grace by angering and offending you. So how do you stop him? Stay in love.

You are loved. Beyond all the judgments and attacks against you, you are loved. With infinitely greater power than any adverse circumstance around you, you are loved. Past the failures and faults the enemy keeps trying to remind you of, you are completely, perfectly, unceasingly loved.

Take a deep breath. Know that because you are in God’s love, everything the enemy tries to do to you is subject to that love. And so is every negative circumstance, every negative person, and every negative thought in your own head.

Stay in love. Determine to live, move, and keep your identity in the love of Jesus. Focus on his voice, rather than the enemy’s lies. Pray for those who have judged, rejected, and intimidated you. Bless them, and refuse to be their enemy. Hate will be intimidated by your unyielding joy, rejection disempowered by your purposeful peace, and fear paralyzed by your ferocious love. This is your time with God, and you can refuse to let the enemy steal one day of it.

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