Sticking Together

Everyone knows what’s going to happen as soon as they hear the movie or TV line, “We can cover more ground if we split up.” Even as kids we knew Scooby was right when he wanted everyone to stay together, though Freddy would never listen.

The real mystery then, is why as adults we constantly allow ourselves to be split off from God. We walk into the day’s challenges, relationships, and mysteries without him, sometimes with the same kind of stress and anxiety we get from a scary movie.

So today—and every day—determine to grow in awareness of God’s presence and voice as you go. Set aside the voices that don’t cultivate faith, hope, and love in you, and pursue the ones that do, the ones that bring you right to God’s side. No matter what you’re facing right now, walking with him there, you’re courageous, brilliant, peaceful, joyful, powerful, and you’re never alone. Being in tune with God’s voice is like having a constant supply of Scooby snacks.

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