With You

You’ve gone through some hard times—so difficult they may not be fully understood in this life. But through it all, God has never left you, not once. If this is another one of those seasons, take time to recognize the ways he’s been with you—sustaining, encouraging, and blessing you. This broken world is full of hate, pain, and heartache, but because he is with you, you don’t have to let any of those define you.

Spend enough time in his presence to see how greatly you’re loved. You’ve been strong for everyone else, but now it’s time to let Jesus be strong for you, and learn to view yourself and your circumstances as he does. You are nothing less than royalty, an heir of his grace, joy, peace, wisdom, and hope. You may have been wounded, betrayed, and rejected, but Jesus is celebrating you, and completely committed to transforming you into all he sees you can be.

Time is not an issue. The mistakes you’ve made and the offenses against you aren’t enough to keep you from becoming all he sees in you. Your failures are stepping stones, not head stones. All you’ve been through has trained you to be amazing right now. In God’s love and strength, this can be the best time of your life, the moment all the pieces come together and you step into what your heart has dreamed of.

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