Rock and Flow

I had a dream in which a man stood in an empty stream bed, dry because of a stone wall dam a short distance away. Then two scenes happened. In the first, the man became offended there was no water, and began rehearsing all the frustrations, disappointments, offenses, and wounds from his life. With every one, another rock was appeared in the dam.

Then the scene changed. Instead of recounting the bad things that had happened, he thanked God for one thing in his life, and then another, and another. With each one, a rock came loose from the wall, until eventually the water was released.

Resist the temptation to add another rock to your own wall. In natural terms, you deserve to pick it up and whip it at someone’s head. But you’re made for so much more. Instead, thank God for one thing. Let that lead to another, and another, until you feel God’s goodness break through into your life. It will.

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