Stay Inside

Even if the enemy of your soul had never heard of you, the battle you’ve been fighting would be difficult. But because the enemy is waging war against every bit of love you’ve been empowered with, some days are really hard. Fears of failure, loss, and rejection bite at everything you do, desperately trying to get you to agree. But God’s grace is so much greater. With every attack, your spiritual resolve and emotional strength are increasing. Not only to break through to the next good part of your life, but to thrive and grow there, to empower others for their own breakthroughs, and to know God’s love for you in ever-deepening ways.

In chapter 13 of The Great Divorce, C. S. Lewis wrote one of my favorite lines of his: “I am in Love, and out of it I will not go.” No matter how hard your battle, or what others choose, stay inside love. Let it be your mindset, your reality, and your weapon against every fear, lie, obstacle, and rejection. Strike a death blow to the enemy by receiving God’s love for you, and then giving love away. Be what fear is most afraid of.

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