Remember Whose Kid You Are

Your life can get complicated, confusing, and exhausting. If there’s one resolution you keep this year, let it be to keep reminding yourself that the problem you see usually isn’t the real problem. The really difficult moments are almost always about your identity in Christ. No matter what you’re going through, keep making choices to deal with your life as the royal heir God says you are, not the powerless failure the enemy accuses you of being.

You’re an heir of your Father’s faith, hope, and love. Stir up that truth in your mind and heart, and you won’t have to live in the enemy’s despair, bitterness, and fear. You’ll see yourself again as he does—as his completely loved daughter or son. Then you’ll see all your relationships and circumstances as he does—with the peace, joy, strength, confidence, wisdom, and grace all his children have inherited.

“You’re no longer a slave to the spiritual forces of this world, because God has made you his child—an heir of all he is, and all he has” (Galatians 4:7).

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