New Clothes

“Don’t make provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.” This is a well-quoted and preached part of Romans 13:14. But it isn’t the whole verse, or its point. The rest is: “Instead, clothe yourself in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.” It’s not about managing sin, or working for God’s (or anyone’s) approval. It’s about living in awareness of God’s presence. It’s about letting his grace, goodness, peace, joy, hope, and love displace the bitterness, arrogance, frustration, rejection, despair, and fear that can take you down dark paths all leading to bad decisions.

As soon as you’re able, spend some time with him. Sit in his presence and listen to what he speaks to your heart, until you can see yourself, your relationships, and your circumstances as he does, and wear that peaceful, powerful, purposeful reality all day.

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