Focal Point

You can’t handle all your difficult circumstances by giving them all your attention. I know that may seem like doublespeak, but the negativity inherent in many of your challenges can suck the life out of your identity, resources, and ability to connect with God’s perception. That negativity wants you to constantly fear what you could lose, or what could go wrong, until you surrender your peace, joy, wisdom, and authority, making your fears self-fulfilling prophecies.

Turn away from the problems for a moment, and allow yourself to enjoy God’s presence. You don’t have to earn this. You’re always welcome here. Focus on the good things in your life, and the love, joy, peace, hope, and grace you find here with him. The more attention you give to what’s good, the more you’ll displace the control of what isn’t, making room for God to heal your heart, renew your mind, and equip you to deal really well with every circumstance.

“So keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that’s authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising him always. Follow the example of all we’ve imparted to you, and the God of peace will be with you in all things” (Philippians 4:8-9, TPT).

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