A Confident Life

When something triggers fear, frustration, stress, or pain, you can:


Give in to it, abandoning your identity in God, and letting the negativity shape the way you think, and the way you relate to God, yourself, and everyone else.

Run Away

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually avoid dealing with the situation, using any means to keep you from being reminded of it. Denial becomes your home state.

Control Freak It

Manipulate your circumstances any way you can, until you convince yourself they can’t hurt you. Which usually means you have to dominate others with enough fear and anger to deal with your own.

Or . . .

Face It With Confidence

Everyone saw Goliath as massive and unbeatable. But David saw him as God did, as having already lost, in the light of God’s promise that David would be king someday. David overwhelmed the situation with God’s presence until it displaced every fear.

I know this is oversimplification. Life is complicated, and so are you. But even through the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual issues you’re dealing with, that powerful place of rest—where you can see, think, and act as God shows you is possible—is waiting for you right now.

“You can be at peace, and content with what you have, because God has promised to never give up on you or abandon you. Because of him, we can boldly agree with the psalm that says, ‘The Lord himself is my help, so I will not give in to fear, for who or what can really get to who I am in him?’”

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