Really Blessed

The word “bless” means “to kneel.” It’s bending down in love and honor to lay hands on someone to declare good. It’s more than encouragement—it’s agreeing with God’s vision for that person. It’s opening a door and cheering on all the life he has in store for him or her. It’s speaking prophetically of opportunities to come, and provision for the relationships, resources, and mindset to accomplish them.

You have the power, and responsibility, to bless everyone around you—including those who don’t value you. Overwhelm their negativity with God’s vision for their identity. Speak life into who they can become in God, rather than judging who they are without him.

Begin each day by blessing your own life. Speak well of who you are in God, instead of judging and punishing your faults. Choose to live in thankfulness for what is, rather than suffering in anxiety of what isn’t. Ask God what his vision for your life is right now, and bless each step you take with him toward it, and every person you meet along the way.

“The Lord will bless you and watch over you. The Lord will smile over you, and give you grace. The Lord will show you his favor, and give you peace” (Numbers 6:24–26).

–From “Wonder, Full”, available from Amazon.

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