Write a Good Page

You know this. You’ve probably said something like it to someone else. But it’s also easy to forget: Refuse to give power to the negative thoughts demanding it. They sound a little like wisdom at first, but are just doorways to emotional black holes, endlessly imagining what could go wrong, and calculating what you might lose.

When you have a moment alone, stand, and take a few deep breaths. Instead of letting dark thoughts take over your imagination, use it to put all the poisonous thoughts, fears, criticisms, and judgments onto imaginary paper. When you’re satisfied they’re all reduced to pages of fiction, lift them up, and give them to God. They’re not yours anymore.

Now, literally turn in the opposite direction, as an act of focusing on what he’s been saying to you instead. Let your heart hear who he says you are, all he wants to be for you right now, and all the good you can do with him in your relationships and circumstances. Write a really good page of your life with him today.

“We can destroy every deceptive fantasy, and break through every negative mindset which lies about God. We can capture every thought, and make it bow in obedience to Jesus” (2 Cor. 10:5, paraphrase).

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