The Mighty Pen

There are days you feel you could accomplish almost anything, and there are days taking a shower is quite an achievement. But even on days life seems to be taking more than it’s giving, you still have the power to decide what meaning your circumstances have. You get to determine what influence the fears, judgments, bitterness, and negativity of others have over you.

If you let them write your story, they’ll consume your mind, break your heart, and limit your identity. Take your pen back from them, and ask the author and completer of your faith to show you how he sees your life (Hebrews 12:2). He’ll inspire your heart and equip your mind to brilliantly deal with what’s in front of you, grow into all he says you are, and to know him in greater ways than ever before.

Ask Jesus who he wants to be for you. I know I write that a lot, and maybe it doesn’t make sense to everyone. I simply mean to look purposefully for what areas of God’s nature and character he wants to reveal to you right now. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it. If he wants you to focus on a greater revelation of his love, you’ll keep thinking about it, running into it, and getting opportunities to express it.

That means being intentional with your thoughts. Nurture the life–giving ones, and give him the negative ones that have been gnawing at your soul. Refuse to hold onto bitterness and worry, and they won’t be able to hold onto you. Ask Jesus to displace every anxiety by filling your heart with joy, and your mind with peace. I know it might sound corny, but sometimes God’s corny is the key for defeating the enemy’s overwhelming arrogance. Pick up that pen, and write an awesomely corny chapter today.

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