Sad to Strong

“Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh. 8:10).

“Sorrow” here is a really interesting word meaning worry, pain, and anger, and yet at the same time meaning make, carve, and shape. In other words, this is a negativity you create yourself. It’s a reality made by focusing on what’s gone wrong in the past, or constantly worrying about what could go wrong tomorrow.

I believe this verse is saying you can replace the enemy’s negativity with the joy of the Lord. Joy isn’t something you have to work for. It’s part of your inheritance as a child of God, a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and a foundation of your new nature in Jesus.

“Strength” is a place of safety, a fortress. Your joy can thrive beyond measure when you realize that if your life is in Christ, then so are all your circumstances. Jesus is your living source of joy and strength, and living in and from his presence empowers you to deal brilliantly with everything in front of you.

You are royalty. Spend some time with your Father the King and let his love, peace, and joy soften your heart, and renew your mind. Let him strengthen, equip, and empower you for everything you get to do today, especially every opportunity to turn sorrow into strength.

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