Authentic Faith

2 Corinthians 4:13 says, “But we continue to preach because we have the same kind of faith the psalmist had when he said, ‘I believed in God, so I spoke.’ ” That sounds great, but the verses Paul is quoting are from Psalm 116, which read: “I believed in you, so I said, ‘I am deeply troubled, Lord.’ In my anxiety, I cried out to you, ‘These people are all liars! (vv. 10–11).’ “

“Deeply troubled?” “Anxiety?” Calling people liars?” What kind of faith is that? What faith is Paul preaching? It’s an authentic faith. An honest one. A faith that acknowledges life is sometimes hard, and people can be cruel, but I’m not going to quit loving them or trusting Jesus, and I’m not going to stop talking about him.

Be honest with God, and with yourself. Tell him everything you’re thinking and feeling. Everything. Don’t let your faith get reduced to religious performance, or a scorecard comparing yourself to anyone else’s life. Your life in Christ is supposed to be a growing relationship, even when your circumstances are difficult. Especially then.

Don’t hold back parts of your heart because you’ve judged them unworthy of his love, forgiveness, and healing. Those are often the areas that birth ministries and movements, after he’s redeemed them, and healed you. Those are the places your faith stands on to release love, grace, and miracles that transform lives, cities, and nations.

“My heart and mind are at rest again, because I can see how good the Lord has always been to me” (Psalm 116:7).

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