Your Reality

We all have to face our circumstances, but don’t let anyone, including yourself, define your reality at their level. Facts may be facts (I say “may,” because sometimes they’re just someone’s interpretation of events), but if you allow them to dictate how you see the world, they’ll also determine how you view yourself, your relationships, and God. They’ll limit your love, joy, peace, hope, and faith to the condition of those circumstances, controlling what you think and feel. You’ll only consider yourself successful if you satisfy the expectations of what others think your life should look like.

Your reality is all the grace, joy, peace, faith, hope, and love you experience as you agree with God about how he sees you, and who he wants to be for you in every situation you’re facing. His love for you is immeasurably greater than anything you’re dealing with.

Overwhelm your circumstances from that place in his presence. Rise above fear, doubt, frustration, insecurity, and stress by choosing to live in his truth, wisdom, grace, and rest.

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