Take a Step Back

Greetings, mighty warrior! I know, you’re probably giving me serious eye roll, because you feel like anything but some kind of hero right now. But take a step back for a moment, and see yourself from God’s perspective.

The enemy thought you could be broken by trials, challenges, and stressful circumstances. They’ve been coming at your mind and heart with fear, frustration, confusion, bitterness, and pain—vicious attacks meant to destroy your faith, or at least make you too weak to be considered a threat.

But instead of completely giving into your old negative mindset and habits, as the enemy hoped, you kept relying on God’s strength. Even after you stumbled, you stubbornly seized his love for you again, immersed yourself in his word, and took another step forward. Despite being tempted to quit your identity in Jesus, you’ve tenaciously believed who he says you are.

The only thing their attacks really accomplished was to deepen your faith, hope, and love. Rather than crushing you, you’ve been getting spiritually and emotionally stronger. You’re quicker to see hope and truth through chaos, and to respond to fear with grace and wisdom. You have the power to bring peace to anyone’s storm, heal the mortally and morally wounded, and speak life into every soul. You’re a blessing and an inspiration to everyone around you, and a terrifying danger to the enemy. Well done, mighty warrior.

“While Gideon was hiding from the enemy, the angel of God appeared to him and said, ‘God is with you, mighty warrior!’

Gideon replied, ‘Mighty warrior? I don’t think so. If God is really with me, why have all these terrible things happened? Where are all the miracles and wonders I’ve been told about?’

God looked him in his eyes, and responded, ’Go in the strength I’ve given you. I am empowering you to be the miracle who will save the people.’

‘Me? How could I ever save anyone? Look at me. I’m the weakest of the weak.’

But God said to him, ‘I will be with you. Listen to me, and you’ll bring everyone together, and defeat the enemy as one’ ” (Judges 6:12-16, paraphrase).

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