You Can

Frustration is often rooted in unfulfilled expectations you’ve allowed to grow bigger than your peace. And we all have a lot of unfulfilled expectations of what we wanted the Spring of 2020 to be like. You do have options to deal with this, besides soap and masks. You can use your remaining strength to stuff the negative thoughts and emotions down. You can use your skills and experience to try and manipulate outcomes you can control. You can let frustration expand into full-blown anger, resentment, and bitterness until they rewrite your identity.

Or, you can grow your peace again. You can look at every good thing in your life until the joyful thankfulness it brings overwhelms the negativity. You can pray and listen for who God wants to be for you right now, until you have all the grace and wisdom you need to brilliantly deal with the challenges this time has brought. You can give God every insecure, stressful, despairing expectation, until the only expectations you have left are of encountering his faithfulness, hope, and love.

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