The more you focus on something, the more it becomes a pathway of thought, and a filter through which all information gets processed. If you wake up every day centered on something dark—fear, bitterness, loss—you give them power, and one or all of them will grow into a highway of negative expectation.

That negative expectation affects every system in your body, every experience, and every relationship, including with God. Rather than searching for the ways he wants to free and heal you, you look for ways to alleviate your frustration and pain.


You can change your mind. You’re not stuck on this road, even if you’ve been on it most of your life. God loves to help you renew your thinking from death to life. Helping you become all he sees in you is his joy.

The word “repentance” literally means to “change your thinking.” So change it. If that seems overwhelming, know you’re not alone. Trust Jesus. Give him every negative expectation until they’re powerless. Ask him to displace your thoughts with his, seeing who he wants to be for you through this quarantine, and who you’re becoming.

His thoughts toward you are so wonderful, so good, and so full of life. Keep choosing his life. If you fail, learn from it and rise again. And again. And again, until every pathway through your heart and mind leads straight to him.

“My plans for you are never harmful. Every thought I have is of increasing your peace and wholeness, equipping you for a future of hope” (Jeremiah 29:11).

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