Along the Way

There are places in your journey where the walk has been slow and difficult, but this one just seems too much. The path is full of exhausting terrain, irrational turns, and ridiculous obstacles. You’d try to go around this part, but to your right are the Unfulfilled Expectations Tar Pits, and on your left is the Forest of Future Fears. You’ve passed by many who’ve camped along each side, and seen others wander off out of sight. At first those weren’t even options, but every day you feel more like quitting this way.

You flop down on a large, flat boulder in the middle of the road, tired, discouraged, and not a little cranky. You consider your options again. Exhausted as you are, neither fear or resentment is an appealing way to go.
Deep inside your heart, another choice presents itself, and before you can analyze it, you speak the one word your soul has been truly longing for: “Jesus.”

The moment you invite him, you see him, and realize he’s been with you the whole way. His long bear hug heals and strengthens you. You turn to find the stone has become his table in the wilderness, filled with every good thing you need to rest in his love, rise up with a renewed mind, and walk forward with a rekindled heart.

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