A Quiet Place

If you’ve been feeling a little lost in all this weirdness, you’re not alone. Just please know it’s not punishment, rejection, or because you’ve been forgotten. Just the opposite—God’s inviting you to rest, heal, and know him better.

This season isn’t easy, but it’s not draining your life away. It’s making you stronger, wiser, and more confident in his love. When you start the next part of your journey, it’s going to be with a greater revelation of who you are in him.

Don’t get stressed about how long you’ll be here, or frustrated looking for a way out. You’re not trapped. This is his secret place in the wilderness, and you get to come here any time to reset your heart and renew your mind. Let him take you step by step through all this, and he’ll not only lead you through, he’ll equip you with all you need for the next part of your life.

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