Truth Focused

You’ve missed too many opportunities in the past, and this pandemic has put you too far behind to ever reach your dreams.

Your mistakes and failures have ruined your chances for the life God intended for you.

You’ll never accomplish enough to deserve happiness, and you’ll always be too broken to deserve love.

Don’t give in to the lies.

Everyone is in process, just like you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, or judge your journey by theirs. Most of what I write is for me, my way of fighting the lies I get hit with. If I had it all together, I would’ve written “Forty Rules,” instead of “Forty Doors.”

No matter what your age, history, or circumstances, if you’re standing in front of Jesus so he can heal your heart and renew your mind, then you’re exactly where you need to be. Allow him to expose and undo every lie, and displace them with his truth.

You’re not alone. You’re not too old, too broken, or a failure of any kind. You are God’s child, his powerful, confident, brilliant warrior princess or prince. You are royalty, and every judgement, rejection, betrayal, and lie against you can’t change that. Don’t give in to any more lies. Give in to God’s love.

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