Name the Day

Genesis 2:19-20 says that in Eden, Adam was given the power to define his environment. He named every animal God showed him, not in fear of what harm it might do, but in joy for what it was created to be.

And you’re empowered to do the same thing.

You can look at life with fear, and name every circumstance according to what pain and trouble they might cause. Which, ironically, gives them authority to be that in your life.

Or, you can view life from the peace of God’s presence, giving every circumstance along your path a name sourced from the love, grace, and wisdom he’s made available to deal brilliantly with it.

The more you see and relate to life from God’s perspective, the more heaven on earth you live in and demonstrate. You don’t have to search for an Eden of joy and peace anymore. In Jesus, you are one.

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