Whole Hearted

“You will find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:11).

This isn’t God being cruel or indifferent, it’s God being passionately committed to you becoming all you’re capable of in him. He never leaves you or quits on you, but there are times when it seems difficult to recognize his presence. It’s in searching for him you discover what is, and isn’t, your true identity, and who he wants to be for you right now.

In the wilderness between who you were and who you’re becoming, anything that was a hindrance between you and God becomes evident. Any areas of your heart you’ve held in darkness he brings a loving light to, and every neglected wound is tended to.

Your broken heart couldn’t see your circumstances as he does, or hear him tell you the best way to go. But your renewed, whole, strong, brave heart can see and embrace all the possibilities he wants to show you, and see him in all the grace, wisdom, and love he’s been longing to reveal to you.

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