Faith Works by Love

The Bible says, “faith works by love” (Gal. 5:6). Think about that for a moment. Faith is activated, operated, energized—by love. It doesn’t work by adhering to a set of rules, performing principles well enough, or by chanting, “I believe–I believe–I believe” until something happens.

Faith declares, “You love me, Jesus. You truly love me, and I receive it.” It’s allowing yourself to be loved unconditionally, and living in so much awareness of God’s affection for you that it overwhelms fear, rejection, and pain. His love fills you with such confidence in who he is, it overflows to everyone around you, and over all your circumstances. Faith is seeing every person and every situation for what they can become in his love.

Does that transform Hebrews 11:1 for you? “Faith is the substance of what is hoped for, the evidence of what isn’t seen.” If faith is rooted in love, then love is the foundation of all you hope for. It’s not a hope that needs to stress, strive, or anxiously wait for something positive to maybe happen if you’re good enough. It’s a peaceful, joyful, fearless mindset that knows and feels God’s loving presence as tangibly as anything you can experience naturally.

This is why faith can move mountains in your life—because his love is greater than any obstacle in your path.

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