Peace. Be Still.

“Peace. Be still” (Mark 4:39).

When the disciples woke Jesus because they were scared of the storm, he was upset with them—not because they had tried to calm the storm and failed, but because they had put their trust only in what Jesus could do for them, instead of what they could do because of him. They had missed the opportunity to release the faith and grace he’d been teaching them to live in. Not only could they have stopped the storm, they missed the greater miracle of having so much peace they could have just slept through it.

All of us have storms—painful, frustrating, and overwhelming circumstances. This year has been an unending series of tempests for many, including me. I’d never presume to say all you need to do is religiously snap your fingers to make them stop, or to stuff your feelings down and pretend the storms don’t exist. Jesus acknowledged in John 16 there are some serious trials and challenges in this world. But he also said you can take heart—choosing to live in joyful confidence—because he has already overcome the world. Including 2020.

Don’t let the media, politicians, or even your impassioned friends overwhelm the truth that you are the completely loved child of God. Don’t let someone else’s negative reality overwrite your hopeful one.

I know from experience that from a place of intimacy with Jesus, he has made available for you all the peace you need to face the storms, all the faith you need to overcome them, and all the grace you need to become the whole, brilliant, powerful person he sees you as. When you live the life God has made for you, you’re more powerful than any storm—personal, national, or international.

This storm is not your identity. Your identity is who you’re becoming in Jesus as you overcome it with him.

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