Stay in Love

The enemy will do anything to get your heart and mind outside love. He’ll try to scare you, lie about you, offend, reject, overwhelm, and exhaust you. He’ll come after you spiritually, emotionally, and physically until you give him control of how you see, think, and feel. He’ll attack your relationships and circumstances until your first thought is to run away from anything that looks difficult.

But . . .

God IS love. And that perfect love drives out all fear (1 John 4). The moment you decide to love, the enemy is completely disempowered. When you choose to see and relate to others as God does, to forgive, bless, and grow while stubbornly staying in the grace, joy, and peace his love continually gives you, the enemy’s lies shatter like glass.

Love God with all your mind, all your emotions, and all your strength. Let him love you so deeply you can honestly love yourself for the amazing person he shows you that you are in him. Choose to trust what he’s saying about your life instead of submitting to what fear has been spewing. Love others from inside his transforming love, and the enemy will be the one who’s frustrated, exhausted, and afraid.

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