Thanks for the Memories

I’m reading a Facebook “Memories” post from the cancer days. It’s important to me personally, but I’m re-posting because I know there are many dealing with pain and heartache.

I love seeing people fully healed, but I also appreciate the kind of miracle you experience when you choose to be grateful despite the pain. It’s what has disarmed pain’s control over my life for a long time.

September, 2012
“Post-chemo muscle and joint pain, and neuropathy in my hands, feet, and mouth. And tonight, hives on my arms and legs. Who knows why. So, I’m using the time I can’t sleep to think about what a truly fortunate man I am.

I am alive. I have another day. The night is still and beautiful. In a few hours I will feel the sun and smell the autumn air. I get to experience life, love, and laughter. I get to taste really good things. I get the chance to bless someone else. I get to watch my wife breathe as she sleeps. I get to cover my face with a pillow because both dogs have really bad gas. I don’t care. I am so grateful to God for each moment.

We have eternity in heaven, and sometimes I wish I could be there already. But, I think if we only have a short time here, it must be so important to make the most of it. I think how we live here isn’t just about believing in Jesus, but an opportunity each day to overflow a little more love from him than the day before. Love is the most important thing you leave behind, because it’s the most important thing you do. And it’s the one thing you take with you.”

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