Blessing is a Nuke

You can’t condemn, suppress, or destroy what you hate and expect the next generation to embrace what you love.

Hate and fear are the blades and arrows of the enemy. They are poisoned with political and religious corruption that grows from generation to generation, until there are armies of people in every realm of life who view condemnation as good and punishment as righteous.

The only way to change an inheritance of hatred is to live in love for those who hate you. That doesn’t mean submitting to cruelty, abuse, and lies. But it does mean you don’t see people as the real enemy, even if they believe you are.

Bless. It’s one of your most powerful weapons. It’s a nuke. Blessing isn’t tacit approval of someone’s behavior, it’s transformational affirmation of their worth. It’s seeing someone as God shows you, and intentionally relating to them that way. Blessing comes from a root meaning “to kneel.” Blessing is kneeling before God by loving who he is, and living as who he says you are. Blessing is kneeling before your children by equipping them with love that can keep growing in them, their children, and their children’s children. Blessing is kneeling before those who despise you by speaking life to each one’s spirit, instead of fighting to the death with their souls.

Bless your children with every provision God has equipped you for, and every promise he’s given you. Bless those who hate you by refusing to be their enemy. Return wisdom for foolishness, peace for chaos, hope for darkness, life for death, and love for hate.

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