Well Bless Your Heart

“Bless those who would curse you! Pray for those who have hated, threatened, falsely accused, and abused you. Be for others what you wish they were for you” (Luke 6:28, 31).

Jesus didn’t say that just for the benefit of others, but for yours. Praying for difficult people and blessing them to become all God says they can frees you from being corrupted into someone just as difficult. The blessings he’s planned for you are too lovingly extravagant to be received in a heart that won’t overflow them to those who hate you.

Bless this nation today. Don’t be corrupted into condemning and cursing it. Bless those who are in authority—they need your most insightful and powerful prayers to realize and be successful in what God says is possible for them and all they’re responsible for. Overflow.

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