The Only Good Book Burning

That thing you’ve been carrying around—you really should consider letting it go. It’s that huge, dark book burdening down your soul. You know, the one that’s documented all the times you’ve been hurt, offended, lied to, rejected, betrayed, and dishonored. The volume with the lists of who owes you, and how much, for all your sacrifices and losses. The growing record with chapter after chapter of what you expect from your family, friends, the world, and God.

I love books, but not this one. Close it for the last time, and lay it before God. Douse it with a little oil, and toss a lighted match on it. As it burns, let God fill all the space it took up in your heart and mind with his grace, peace, and joy.

I know this might seem like nonsensical pseudo-spirituality. But it really is an important part of renewing your mind. It’s the discipline of choosing every day—sometimes every hour—to stay more aware of God’s presence than you are of anything else, especially the enemy’s lies. This is the warrior’s way—choosing your next thought, word, and action in the direction of his love, rather than stepping back into resentment, self-pity, and fear.

Burn every lie, rejection, offense, and fear, until they have no more power over you. Then, in the unrelenting freedom and grace the sons and daughters of God have, write a new book with him as you walk into the amazing adventure of your next chapter.

“Be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes” (Romans 12:2b, TPT).

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