Trading in the Old Thoughts

Something I try to remind myself of when things aren’t going as well as I’d like:

With every negative experience, you’re learning more about what doesn’t work, what you don’t want, and what isn’t you. I know it’s not easy, but if you learn to see the hidden value contained in difficult seasons, you won’t default to old ways of dealing with stress, frustration, and pain.

Your circumstances never have to control you again. Ask Jesus to help you develop the habit of laying everything that overwhelms you down before him. That may seem like religious nonsense at first, but you’ll see how much room it makes in your thoughts.

Fill that space with all you have to be thankful for, and every good thing God has already done in your life. Let gratitude grow until it becomes peace in your mind, joy in your heart, and a renewed certainty of how much you’re loved.

In that place, ask him to help you view everything as he does. Not only will you see your next step, but how he’s been equipping and training you to take it.

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