Planetary Traumatic Stress Disorder

I keep reading and hearing people talking about getting back to normal soon. But I’m not sure there is a normal anymore. Beyond the economic problems, political divisions, and cultural struggles, I think the pandemic has left most people of the world with some degree of PTSD.

After all that’s happened, when fear, pain, hopelessness, or resentment try to break down the doors of your mind, it’s hard not to just let them in to take over your thoughts and emotions.

Or . . . you can heal and fight back, by opening a door to a far greater reality. Rather than letting lies make you a prisoner of war, you can ask questions of Jesus that will set you free: “What are you saying about this, Lord? How do you want me to see you, myself, and all of this? What revelations of yourself are you giving me to help overcome it?”

Everything God speaks, through his word and to your heart, increases the strength of the river in your soul. He overwhelms pain and fear with grace and truth, and fills you constantly with faith, hope, love, joy, and peace.

That’s why your adversary tries so hard to get you to stop looking at Jesus, and focus on what’s gone wrong, or could. The enemy knows his lies are fragile, and can be shattered by agreeing with one word from the Lord.

“The earth is still filled with hardships and sorrows, so I’m speaking to your heart to fill it with my peace. You can face anything this world throws at you with joyful courage, because I’ve already overcome the whole world” (John 16:33, paraphrase).

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