Self-Talk Maintenance

When you recognize how often you’re calling yourself “stupid,” or not letting yourself speak joyfully and confidently to protect yourself from disappointment, or thinking of your life only in terms of what’s been lost, or could be, then reset your self-talk with words that affirm your identity. It’s best to write your own, but you’re welcome to say this out loud to yourself until you do:

“I am who God says I am. I am becoming what he sees I can be. My identity in Christ is secure and powerful, and is never at the mercy of the judgments and expectations of others.

I am completely and unceasingly loved. He is my Lord and Savior, best friend, and heavenly father. I am his joyful servant, ardent friend, and favorite kid.

My past teaches me, but doesn’t define me. I am living at the right time, and for eternal purposes. Today is another opportunity to live and grow in faith regarding my circumstances, hope in my thoughts and emotions, and love toward everyone, including me.”

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