High Way 101

When we say we’re taking the “high road” in a disagreement, it usually means we think the other person is a (insert preferred modifier here) moron, but we’re just not going to say it.

The high road isn’t a morally superior position. It’s not the place you can justify your judgments, and comment on social media as God’s enforcer. The high road is God’s high way, the path Jesus is inviting you to walk with him. It runs through his kingdom, his reality, and it’s the only way you can view your life and relationships as he does.

The enemy is desperate to tempt, deceive, frighten, and bully you to take a lower road. To choose any path that leads to judging yourself and others in fear, resentment, and your own righteousness, because those are the hellish domains he has influence in.

But the high way leads you through transforming grace, truth, peace, joy, and love, realms from which you’re able to forgive those who hurt you, and bless those who hate you.

No matter the situation, or what anyone says or does, the high way of God’s presence is always there for you. Each step will deepen your intimacy with him, transform your identity in him, and grow purpose in the intentionality of your life alongside him.

Regardless of whether yours is running along a mountain top, transitioning across a bridge, or winding through a deep valley, you can be confident you’re on the right road.

“They said to each other, ‘Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us?’”(Luke 24:32).

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