Unleash Your Peace

Is your peace all it can be?

Your peace in Christ is never subject to your circumstances or the judgments of others. Your peace is an impenetrable shield against frustration, temptation, rejection, and any other negative tion.

Your peace is stronger than pain, problems, and your past. Your peace empowers you to work in confidence, play in joy, and think like Jesus. Your peace enables others to experience what their own lives can be in him.

Take a few moments with Jesus. Let him bring his peace—his completely whole, unceasingly loved, perfectly equipped,  fully empowered peace—to every thought and emotion that presents itself.

Let him grow your understanding and awareness of his peace until it leaves no room for anything that isn’t. Until it fills your soul and strains to be let out.

Unleash your peace.

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled and afraid. I’m imparting a gift to you—my peace. Not the fragile, conditional peace the world knows, but my peace of complete wholeness and uncontainable blessing” (John 14:27, paraphrase).

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