Peace Like a River

I know so many who feel overwhelmed, whose ‘21 hasn’t been a whole lot better than their ’20. So, just a reminder I hope will help—being at peace doesn’t mean not having any conflict—there’s almost always some kind of struggle around or in us. Being at peace means knowing who God wants to be for you in the conflict you’re in. Because peace isn’t just a state. Peace is a person.

Jesus has given you all of himself, which includes all his peace, so you don’t have to keep striving for a lesser version on your own. He said:

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled and afraid. I know that may seem impossible right now, but I’m empowering you with a gift to help make every good thing possible—my peace. Not the fragile, conditional peace the world uses, but my peace, which heals hearts, revives confidence, conquers chaos, and makes way for wisdom, blessing, and miracles” (John 14:27, paraphrase).

His peace isn’t the stuff-it-down and soldier on kind. His peace acknowledges loss and pain, and brings a river of ever-increasing revelations of love to flow through the gaps, and unending waves of grace that mend broken hearts and reset fragmented thinking.

I hope you’ll let him make today a great river and wave day for you.

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