You’re in Charge of Putting Jesus in Charge

You’re in charge of deciding whether the fear, pain, and resentment you experience will become your identity, or the targets of your love, joy, and peace in Jesus.

Take a slow, deep breath, then read this verse from Jeremiah 31:

“I have loved you with an everlasting love. With unending kindness I have drawn you to myself.”

Now personalize it, and say it out loud:

“You’ve always loved me, Lord. You always bring me into your presence with unending love and kindness.”

Relax your shoulders. Let all the heaviness fall off them. Take another deep breath. Now speak that verse again in your own words, in relation to your own life. Something like:

“Jesus, I feel so overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel like I’m being crushed by everything I’ve been carrying. So I give it to you. I give all the people I love to you. I give all the junk in my head to you.

Help me see how you’ve been loving me, have always been loving me. I get so focused on what’s gone wrong, or what might go wrong, I miss when you’re showing me your kindness and goodness. Help me see them now. Help me see everyone and everything with the love, joy, and peace you do.”

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