Demolition Day

Some things just don’t make sense. Okay, lots of things. But if you torture yourself wondering why something did or didn’t happen, you’ll chain yourself to that moment or negative thought. Everything you experience will get filtered through fears of further loss and pain.

Please don’t give any more of your heart away to living in what can go wrong. You shouldn’t just ignore painful thoughts and memories and push them down into your heart, but constantly imagining evil drains you of peace, joy, hope, and everything you need to deal with those thoughts and memories.

Your heart and mind can never be at peace in the anxiety of circumstances you can’t change, but they can be perfectly at rest in the good things God wants to tell you about your future. Focusing on what’s possible with him helps your healing process, grows your confidence in who you are in him, and gives you direction for your life.

Refuse to move outside love. I know it may seem hokey, but if everyday you’ll imagine putting your past in one of Jesus’ hands, and your future in the other, you’ll always be present in his arms.

“We can demolish every deceptive idea that opposes God, and break through every arrogant attitude in defiance of the true knowledge of him. We can capture every negative thought, and make them obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

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